Emeralds are one of the four most valuable stones in the world. The color and tone vary from deep green to pale green, bluish-green, and yellow green in some circumstances. Cadmium traces in the valuable gemstone give it its distinctive hue. Emerald may be found in over 30 countries worldwide. One of the biggest Emerald stones, weighing over 1.15 kg, was discovered in Brazil.
Royals have favored the beautiful gemstone worldwide for hundreds of years. In many cultures, the Emerald stone holds a unique meaning and is meant to have special qualities. If you are also looking to invest in gems, you can buy precious stones at our store. We are sharing a few fun facts about the gorgeously green gemstone below that you probably don't know and will find intriguing.

Rarity and Exclusivity

An emerald is an incredibly rare stone. Diamonds are widely valued gemstones, but emeralds are much rarer. As a result, the valuable gemstone's value rises. However, because emeralds are less dense than diamonds, the same carat emerald stone appears larger than its diamond equivalent. If you are looking for a bigger size rock to make an impression, you can buy emerald stone at our shop.

Clarity and Inclusions

When rocks are formed naturally, some minerals get trapped inside them. The trappings are defined as inclusions, and they affect the way a gemstone looks from the inside. Clarity is an important factor in determining the worth of any gemstone, especially when it comes to diamonds. Still, natural Emeralds almost always have some patterns inside and are never completely clear. You can also always see fissures and cavities within the green gemstone because that is how they are formed. This doesn't decrease the value of the rock in the case of the emeralds but makes it more unique and special.

Softest Crystals

Emerald is one of the soft rocks, which makes them much easier to crack. Because of this inherent softness, the emerald gemstones must be handled with care and caution. They should only be cleaned with a soft cloth and not scrubbed hard. Harsh chemicals should be avoided if you need to clean your emerald jewelry.

Color & Cut

The emerald cut is a famous shape that is given to most gemstones. The cut is associated with the specific emerald stone because this is the most common shape for them. The long crystals are easy to transform into a rectangular shape. This affects the gemstone's color and appearance but gives it more durability.