Women have loved wearing and collecting jewels for centuries, and precious gemstones have always held a special place. These gorgeous treasures are not only expensive but extremely rare. This precious jewelry is passed down the generations for years to come. Most women favor gemstone jewelry because of its beauty and rarity. Precious stones are always in demand, including sapphires, emeralds, citrines, and rubies. These may cost a lot, but they are nonetheless delicate stones. They need special care and maintenance. If not properly maintained and cared for, the stones seem to lose their shine over time because of many external factors. We are mentioning below the best ways that you can clean and store your precious gemstone jewelry to keep them shining brightly for a long time.

Clean Regularly

When you wear your gemstone jewels, they are exposed to many external factors. They come in close contact with your body, so they are exposed to the body's sweat and oils. Similarly, the harsh environment also affects the appearance of your gemstones, making them lose their shine. Dirt and debris can get stuck in the corners and crevices of your jewelry. Due to all this, regular cleaning and maintenance of your jewels are extremely important.

Cleaning precious gemstones does not require any special cleaning agents. You can easily clean them at home using a soft bristle toothbrush and soap water. Carefully clean the jewelry without scrubbing too hard on the gems; you will find the oil, or any other stains will come off. Wipe the jewelry with a clean, dry cloth afterward. Some precious gemstones may require extra care and consideration. The ultrasonic cleaners must not be used with soft rocks such as amber and pearls. Cleaning your natural gemstone jewelry once every few months is more than enough. You can also take your gem jewels for professional cleaning at a gemstone shop once a year.

Avoid Exposure

Gemstone jewelry is elegant and dainty, so extra care should be taken into account while wearing them. You should remove the jewelry while doing household chores that may cause any damage to the gems. It would help if you also took the jewelry off before taking a bath or swimming. Chlorine in the pools can fade the gem's shine. When getting ready, save the jewelry for the last time to avoid the perfume spray directly on the rock.


Sunlight can fade the color and shine of your precious natural gemstones. Some gems are more prone to this damage than others. So, you must know the type of your gemstones and avoid leaving them in sunlight for too long. You can use special jewelry boxes with compartments to store your jewelry to avoid them from getting scratched.


It is true that gemstones are beautiful items, but they are also collectibles and have great value. If you want them to maintain this value and become an heirloom that will stay with your generations, you must take care of your precious gemstone jewels. If you are looking to buy natural gemstones in Dubai, you will find a huge collection at our online store.