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The reddish pink-red members of the corundum family of minerals are known as rubies. Natural ruby stone hues range from light to dark red, and most rubies have undertones, such as a purplish tint. The differences add to each gemstone's personality and individuality. Ruby stone jewelry is a global favorite, even though it is the birthstone for individuals born in July. Perhaps it's because the color red is associated with feelings and expressions of love and passion. Ruby jewelry is always demanded in Dubai because of its passionate and seductive colors, which add sophistication and luxury to any design. Rubies from a few specific locations around the world are more precious than rubies from other locations. Burmese rubies are at the top of the list when it comes to the most eye-catching rubies. Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Thailand, Vietnam, Kenya, and Afghanistan are also key sources of high-quality rubies. Have you ever heard about star ruby? Using modern gemology treatments and tools, Natural Gemstones offer a wide selection of premium quality ruby stone at a low price in Dubai.

Properties of Ruby Stone

  • Transparent to opaque
  • Refractive Index – 1.76 to 1.78
  • Specific Gravity – 3.99 to 4.1
  • Mineral Hardness – 9 Mohs
  • Vitreous luster
  • Luminescent

Benefits of Ruby

Rubies are alluring and appealing, but that isn't all. Warriors used to carry a ruby stone on their person or near a body part to aid them in defeating their opponents. Ruby is linked to the body's Manipura Chakra, also known as the Navel Chakra. By activating this chakra, the stone removes self-doubt and depression from your mind. As a result, you'll be able to live a polished and opulent existence. It provides a pleasant break from negativity and delivers happiness and prosperity to many people's lives, in addition to its aesthetic appeal.
  • Helps attain victory
  • Manage low feelings, bad mood, and anger
  • Quick healing of health issues
  • Get deep sleep avoiding bad dreams, nightmares, and evil spirits
  • Healthy and harmonious marital relationship
  • Achieve professional success
  • Improves financial status

What is the Price of Ruby Stone in Dubai?

The ruby stone price in Dubai is determined by its color depth and clarity. Ruby stone with yellowish hues or bluish undertones is less in demand compared to intense red hue ruby that has a high rate. To deepen the blue color, jewelers heat-treat this gemstone. Ruby is a precious stone that is shaped and reshaped carefully to avoid stone wastage. The rubies whose color saturation has been increased through treatment usually have a higher rate. However, the unheated ruby stone is relative expensive than the treated ones.

Who Should Wear Ruby Stone?

The majority of gemstone selections are based on the broad birthstone science, which identifies which stones are appropriate for you based on your birthday. Ruby is a well-known birthstone for the month of July. This price stone is thought to have a powerfully caring and energizing effect. You can wear a stunning ruby stone ring to enhance your mental and physical wellbeing due to its emotional impact. Wearing these jewels is ideal for creative people like painters and actors, among others.