Regarded as the marketable substitute for a precious gemstone – diamond, zircon is a semi-precious gem found naturally in a large variety of colors, from white (colorless), orange, green, red, yellow, blue, and many more. Zircon makes excellent jewelry due to its higher refractive index than other stones like sapphire, ruby, and tanzanite. This stone's extra "sparkly" component originates from the dispersion effect, making it shine like a diamond. It is one of the world's oldest natural gems, having been discovered to be as old as the planet itself. Natural Gemstones offers original zircon for retailing that can be turned into beautiful pieces of jewelry such as earrings, rings, pendants, bracelets, anklets, nose pins, and more. As the stone falls on the 7.6 Mohs hardness scale, it can be shaped into multiple striking facets like round, square, trillion, octagon, oval, heart, and others. Our zircons are genuine and natural, certified by testing labs, and a great fit for any type of jewelry. Buy zircons in a diverse range of sizes and colors at the most attractive prices.

Properties of Zircon

  • Mineral–– Zirconium Silicate
  • Tetragonal Structure
  • Mineral Hardness–– 6.5 to 7.6 Mohs scale
  • Refractive Index–– 1.810 to 2.024
  • Density–– 3.93 to 4.73
  • Transparent to translucent
  • Luster––Vitreous to a brilliant sheen

Benefits of Zircon

This semi-precious stone is worn for its extraordinary mental and physical protection abilities. Venus, the planet of luxury and beauty, is zircon's ruling planet. Zircons appear in Hindu mythology as the leaves of a tree known as the Kalpavriksha Tree or Tree of Miracles.
  • The stone is said to bring money and good fortune.
  • he ring wearer's beauty is thought to be enhanced.
  • It treats reproductive organ problems, lung infections, and diabetes.
  • It is also known to improve romantic and marital connections.
  • White zircon instills confidence and boldness in one's deeds.
  • It aids in the recovery from psychological trauma and stress.

What is the Price of Zircon in Dubai?

Apart from India, Indonesia, Thailand, Mozambique, Sri Lanka, and Brazil, these stones are primarily discovered in Australia, Africa, and China, which are the primary producers. Though it comes in a variety of colors, the most popular color is white. The refraction of light traveling through thin layers of crystal gives the crystal a multi-colored appearance. Tinted and large-size zircons, on the other hand, are more costly. Blue zircon is the most treasured. The queue is then joined by red, green, and other hues. They can be found naturally, or they can be heated to produce a blue tint. Only Cambodian and Burmese stones, however, can turn blue when exposed to heat. Zircon is a hard, weather-resistant stone.

Who Should Wear Zircon?

The birthstone for the month of December is zircon. It is thought to bring good fortune to anyone born under the zodiac signs of Taurus and Libra. This stone can be useful as a fortunate gemstone for individuals who work in the entertainment business, such as music, arts, acting, public relations, event management, writers, and artists. It not only makes the wearer physically attractive, but also famous. Moreover, it improves and nurtures complicated family relationships with in-laws and life partners by protecting you from any kind of misunderstanding. Since the stone is ruled by Venus, which is the planet of love, sincerity, prosperity, fidelity, harmony, and steadfastness, anybody can wear and flaunt this beautiful gemstone.