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Aquamarine is a sea-blue to greenish-blue semi precious stone from the Beryl gemstone family. The polishing ease of Beryl gemstones makes it easy to give the aquamarine stone a radiant luster. As the name suggests, these precious gemstones are available in diverse oceanic colors, depicting purity and truth. The greenish shade of aquamarine is because of the ferrous iron content. Usually derived from the mines in Madagascar, Brazil, and America, aquamarine is the most valuable stone available at a varied price range in Dubai. Natural Gemstones is a leading provider of premium quality aquamarine stone in various cuts, such as sharp round-cut shapes in the UAE. We provide a wide selection of aquamarine semi precious stone in different carat values. Using our exquisite polishing technology methods, we ensure a sparkling shine on all of our precious gems like ruby, emeralds, sapphires, and more. With higher hardness and strength than other gemstones, the aquamarine stone is a popular choice for creating vivid jewelry design using silver or white gold.

Properties of Aquamarine Stones

• Semitransparent to transparent • Refractive Index – 1.57 to 1.6 • Specific Gravity – 2.66 to 2.80 • Mineral Hardness range – Between 7.5 to 8 Mohs • Vitreous luster • Not luminescent

Benefits of Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a renowned semi precious stone featuring an amazing emotion healing ability. When worn in some jewellery form, this gemstone can impart highly nourishing and healing effects on the wearer. This precious stone's sparkle can create natural harmony of your soul and body by balancing your bodily and surrounding energy. Apart from the aesthetic elegance of this gemstone, aquamarine stone can help you gain the following inherent benefits. • Anger management • Uplifts emotionally • Relieves stress • Improve intelligence and mental capacity • Build compassion and trust • Enhances marital harmony

What is the Price of Aquamarine Gemstones in Dubai?

Aquamarine stone is charged at different price ranges in Dubai based on its color depth and clarity, transparency level, and finishing. In terms of color, the pale blue or greenish-blue shades are much affordable compared to the deep-blue aquamarine stone. Jewelers tend to heat-treat this gemstone to deepen the blue tint. Aquamarine is a semi precious stone found naturally in larger and bulky sizes. The cost of these gemstones does not increase significantly according to the size. You can avail of smaller-sized aquamarine stone at a much lower price than that of other same-sized gemstones in Dubai.

Who Should Wear Aquamarine Stones?

Gemstone choices are mostly based on the broad birthstones science that determines the best for you based on your birthday. Aquamarine is widely accepted as a March birthstone. This semi precious stone is believed to have a highly protective and nurturing impact. Considering its impact over emotions, you can wear a dazzling aquamarine birthstone ring to improve internal peace and power. If you wish to start yoga or similar mind-relaxing practices, aquamarine can prove to be effective in helping you easily attain a meditative state.