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Emerald is a green color gemstone belonging to the Beryl mineral species. The green color of emeralds, also known as Panna, is due to chromium and vanadium impurities in this natural beryl crystal. Based on the luster and hue of the emerald stone, the price of this gemstone may vary in Dubai. You can buy emerald stone in a wide variety, right from a radiant green color to a subtle pale shade. According to the traditional gemology principles, it is associated with the planet Mercury and is considered effective in eliminating negative energy. Natural Gemstones offers a wide selection of emerald stone set with high-quality in the UAE. Imported from popular mines worldwide, we provide premium and natural emerald stone in diverse shapes and cuts at the best price in Dubai. It is one of the most valuable precious stones in demand to make an attractive emerald ring, bracelets, and other jewellery. We use high-end gem treatment and polishing methods to ensure perfect sparkle on our emerald gemstone. Contact our expert team for more details.

Properties of Emerald Stones

  • Color – Different hues of green and bluish-green
  • Refractive-index range – Between 1.569-1.602
  • Hardness - 7.5 – 8 Mohs
  • Heat sensitivity – Yes
  • Luster – Vitreous
  • Transparency – Transparent to opaque
  • Luminescence – UV-long, UV-short, Fluorescent
  • Mineral specie - Beryl

Benefits of Emerald

Due to its sparkling hue, emerald is one of the highly fashionable jewel gemstones popular among jewelers to create stylish wearables. Apart from its exquisite appearance, this gemstone is also considered powerful in controlling the wearer's bodily energy and skills. Astrologists also believe that emerald stone can also be an effective means to cure many physical ailments. Here are the major benefits of wearing an emerald gemstone ring or other jewellery:
  • Improves memory and reasoning skills
  • Develop confidence
  • Aiding heart diseases ailment
  • Increases harmony and wisdom
  • Suitable for treating skin problems or allergies

What is the Price of Emerald Gemstones in Dubai?

The emerald price in Dubai is mainly dependent on the hue of the gemstone. The darker and brighter the green color, the higher it will cost. Emeralds mined from the South American countries, Colombia and Brazil, are globally popular and expensive due to their impeccable color and vivid saturation that ensures immense clarity. The cutting of emerald stone into various shapes such as rectangular, oval, and round shapes also determines its price in the UAE. Finally, the costs will also definitely depend on the carat weight of the gemstone.

Who Should Wear Emerald Stones?

As per traditional astrology, Mercury is regarded as a controller of wisdom and intelligence. Wearing an emerald stone can be highly beneficial in enhancing eternal power and for people dealing with low self-esteem, stage fright, and reluctance to socialize. Considered the birthstone of people born in May, emerald gems can help gain success and growth in life for these individuals. By improving mental capacity and memory power, it can prove to be impactful for individuals in business, mathematics, and accounting fields.