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Alexandrite is a popular and rare semi-precious gemstone from the Chrysoberyl mineral family. Featuring an amazing color-changing property, these alluring gems exhibit sharp green shade under sunlight and a red hue in the presence of incandescent light. These gemstones are popular in the jewelry industry, considering hardness of these minerals and attractive color shades. Originally mined in Russia, the gemstone is named after the Czar of Russia, Alexander II. We offer original alexandrite sourced from top mines and that exhibit fine quality and vivid color varieties. Natural Gemstones have been established as a leading supplier of natural and high-quality Alexandrite stones in the UAE. With long industry experience, our professional gemologists pick premium quality gemstones retaining their original properties. The state-of-the-art gem polishing technology at our facility brings out the inherent beauty of Alexandrite, making them flawless. Popular among jewelers due to their higher durability and elegant hue, these semi-precious gemstones is a must add to your jewellery collection.

Properties of Alexandrite Stones

  • Colors – Pale green, Green, Blue-green, Violet.
  • Opaque & Transparent.
  • Refractive Index – 1.74 to 1.76.
  • Specific Gravity – 3.68-3.80.
  • Mineral Hardness range – 8.5 Mohs.
  • Vitreous luster.

Benefits of Alexandrite

Associated with the planet Mercury, Alexandrite gemstone is believed to have a positive impact on the wearer’s intellectual abilities. This elegant gemstone is also known to have detoxifying properties that aid in healing various medical conditions. Wearing this gemstone jewellery will improve not only the person’s physical health but also their spiritual power. Here are the detailed benefits of wearing this dazzling semi-precious gemstone.
  • Heal health issues related to nervous and reproductive systems.
  • Improves emotional maturity and willpower.
  • Increase positive energy and self-esteem.
  • Enhance intellectual and decision-making skills.
  • Succeed in professional life by overcoming instabilities.
  • Promote career development.

What is the Price of Alexandrite Gemstones in Dubai?

A few basic factors mainly determine the prices of Alexandrite in the UAE. The pure red and green hue of these colored gemstones get higher values compared to other greenish shades. As the natural form of the loose gemstones are not clean, using various processes, the stones are transformed into cabochons that increases the gemstone’s value. The unique color changing feature of Alexandrite is also highly valued in the market. Lastly, but essentially, the stones are priced based on their size in carats.

Who Should Wear Alexandrite Stones?

This sparkling and color changing stone is considered for people born in June. Astrologically, this gemstone can also be worn by individuals with the Cancer zodiac sign. Its exceptional influence on a person’s inherent intellectual powers makes it the right choice for students and professionals in the creative sector. If you are facing issues in your love life, wearing Alexandrite jewelries such as earrings, pendants or necklaces will help promote romance and joy in the relationships. People suffering from ailments related to the nervous system can also wear this semi-precious stone to promote healing.