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Featuring intense green color shades, Peridot gemstones are perfect for creating fascinating gemstone jewelleries. This stunning gemstone that belongs to the Olivine mineral family is found deep below the earth's crust in the mantle. These elegant semi-precious gemstones are sourced mainly from United States, Egypt, China, Pakistan, and Burma. The unique chemical composition of this alluring gemstone retains the green hue. Peridot also comprises double refraction properties that adds an extra sparkle to the gemstone. Natural Gemstones offer a wide range of premium quality Peridot gemstones in different shapes and cuts. Being an expert gemstone supplier in Dubai, we use advanced technologies and gemology tools to give the gems amazing cuts and clarity. With a highly reasonable pricing structure, we offer quality Peridot gemstones at the best prices in the UAE. We offer high-quality loose gemstones as well as eye-catching gemstone jewellery using pure Peridot stones.

Properties of Peridot Stones

  • Colors – Green, Yellowish green
  • Transparent
  • Refractive Index – 1.64 to 1.88
  • Specific Gravity – 3.2 – 4.39
  • Mineral Hardness range – 6.5 - 7 Mohs
  • Vitreous

Benefits of Peridot

Astrologically, Peridot is associated with Mercury planet and hence tends to improve the wearer's intelligence and mental power. By promoting the comprehension capabilities, the Peridot stone wearer will be able to gain inherent power. Peridot gemstone is believed to be associated with the Heart Chakra of the human body and thus help gain the following benefits:
  • Improves intelligence
  • Enhance concentration and memory
  • Develop oratory skills
  • Promote prosperity
  • Cure skin ailments
  • Soothes the mind and makes it calm

What is the Price of Peridot Gemstones in Dubai?

Among all the semi-precious gemstones, Peridot is a reasonably priced stone mostly used in jewellery-making. According to the clarity and cut types like oval, round, square and more, the prices may differ as the stone goes through various complex gemological treatments. Widely found in single iconic green colour, the cost varies depending on the darkness of the color, with the bright-green shades been priced high. Apart from these, the Peridot gemstone's size and carat weight determines the price.

Who Should Wear Peridot Stones?

Peridot is the birthstone for individuals born in August. Its association with oratory skills makes this gemstone ideal for people facing issues with communication skills. Wearing a Peridot can help people holding significant roles in society or public figures. Hence, this gemstone is highly suitable for people in the media, entertainment and public relation industries. By improving concentration and learning ability, wearing Peridot jewellries will be useful for students to perform better.