The elegant pearly Opal stone is a popular semi-precious gemstone with strong astrological powers similar to the precious diamond. Characterized by an elegant white pearly color, opal stones are used to make elegant gemstone jewelry like necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and sparkling rings. Opal gems are also found in varied colored forms with a uniform translucent texture. Opals are popular for their unique ‘opalescence effect’ that refers to the brilliant milky texture coupled with a tinge of different colors. Compared to other gemstones like sapphire, garnet, and others, opal stone has a delicate structure that requires special care. Our expert team follows stringent screening techniques to ensure premium Opal stones are obtained from the authentic mines. With careful gem treatment, we offer quality opal loose gemstones with their natural luster and texture. As we have a highly reasonable pricing structure, you can buy the most valuable opal stone at best price in the UAE.

Properties of Opal

  • Mohs value – 5.5-6.5
  • Refractive Index – 1.37-1.47
  • Colors – Colorless, hues of Red-orange and Yellow, Blue, Black, Grey, Green opal
  • Luster - Vitreous, pearly
  • Luminescence – Fluorescent, UV long, UV short, Phosphorescent
  • Transparency - Transparent to opaque

Benefits of Opal

Gemologist majorly suggests opal stone because of their rich metaphysical properties. Opal stones are majorly recommended for nurturing a creative mind and innovative skills. It is widely popular due to its divine properties to fix horoscope issues caused by the planet Venus. The opal stone is believed to have mystic powers of promoting love and mutual understanding. The specific black-opal and fire-opal gemstones are also known to have strong healing powers to solve psychological issues and sleep disorders.
  • Improve financial status.
  • Enhance creativity.
  • Attain good fortune.
  • Get a harmonious married life.
  • Cure ailments related to liver, endocrine, and urinary system.

What is the Opal Stone Price in Dubai?

The appearance of the Opal stone is a major determinant of its price in Dubai. From the global variety, the Australian opals are priced high, followed by the Ethiopian Opal and the opal stone mined from Mexico. Considering its transparency, Opals with a translucent texture are costlier than opaque ones. The stronger the hue of the pearly white color, the higher its price will be in the commercial UAE market. In terms of clarity, visible inclusions or minute blemishes can also lower the opal stone price in Dubai.

Who Should Wear Opal?

As per gemology, Opals are meant for people born in October month as their birthstone. Considered to be highly influential in solving the astrological effects of Venus, you should buy opal stone if you are facing problems in your love life. Opal gemstones can prove highly beneficial for individuals in the public affairs sector, as it will promote your social status. People suffering from kidney or blood-related illnesses should wear opal stones to improve the healing process.