Belonging to the Quartz family, Citrine features a stunning yellow or orange shade, enhanced with its exotic crystalline nature. The general alluring yellow hue of the Citrine makes it popular as ‘Lemon Quartz’. Mainly mined from Brazil, this gemstone is also found in other regions such as Bolivia and African countries such as Zambia, Tanzania and Namibia. An affordable form of quartz, Citrine is quite popular in jewellery-making to create attractive gemstone jewellery. If you are looking for premium quality and authentic citrine gemstones, Natural Gemstones is your final destination. We use modern gemology tools, equipment and heating technologies to retain the natural look and shine of this semi-precious gemstone. In varied sizes and attractive cuts, we offer high-quality gemstones at low prices in the UAE. Explore our gorgeous range of citrine gemstones and send us an enquiry today.

Properties of Citrine Stones

  • Colors – Yellow, red-orange and shades of dark orange
  • Transparent
  • Refractive Index – 1.54 to 1.55
  • Specific Gravity – 2.651
  • Mineral Hardness range – 7 Mohs
  • Vitreous lustre

Benefits of Citrine

This warm-coloured semi-precious gemstone is renowned for its metaphysical as well as healing powers. Citrine is associated with the planet related to human wisdom and prosperity. The bright and soothing yellow color explains its association with optimism and positive energy. Get yourself a stunning citrine stone today to achieve these amazing benefits.
  • Attract wealth and settle the financial crisis
  • Increase self-confidence and concentration
  • Improve learning-ability and analytical skills
  • Develop positive vibes
  • Improve mental state by relieving anxiety and depression
  • Improve relationships and solve fertility issues

What is the Price of Citrine Gemstones in Dubai?

The prominent factor determining the price of a citrine stone is its enticing color. The citrine varieties with strong yellowish, earthy-orange and brown shades usually find higher prices in the Dubai market. Citrine variety in the red-orange single is priced the highest among all the other types. The price of citrine gemstones also would vary according to the cuts and shapes, with complex designs being priced more. The less treated the citrine stone, the more natural it will be and hence priced high.

Who Should Wear Citrine Stones?

Birthstone-wise, Citrine is meant for people born in November and thus forms a great gift for them. Based on its properties, the citrine gemstone’s positive influence on wisdom can help the wearer achieve personal and professional excellence. This makes this semi-precious stone a great choice for students, research professionals, and other individuals who need to improve their learn-ability. If you are going through any form of financial issues, picking up citrine stone jewellery can have some unexpected restorative effect.