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Sourced from various mines across the world, Spinel gems are one of the popular gemstones with a similar appearance and shine of the precious Ruby and Sapphire. Apart from its color variety, its higher Moh hardness and high durability make it a popular choice in the jewelry industry. It is used for creating attractive jewelry designs, right from charming necklaces to special ornaments for auspicious occasions such as engagement rings. The original Spinel gems are sourced from its natural and popular mines such as Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand, among others. We offer a wide variety of Spinel stones in alluring shapes with varied carat weight. Using advanced gem treatment methods and equipment, we maintain the natural beauty and glow of these unique gemstones. Our expert team of gemologists uses world-class testing methods and quality-check techniques to ensure all the spinel stones are the best quality in the market.

Properties of Spinel Stones

  • Moh value – 7.5 to 8.
  • Refractive Index – 1.718.
  • Colors - Colorless forms; Vivid colored stones such as red, pink color, various shades of blue color like pale to deep-blue, green color.
  • Luster - Vitreous.
  • Luminescence – Fluorescent, X-ray colors, UV short, UV long.
  • Transparency - Transparent to opaque.

Benefits of Spinel

The radiant sparkle of Spinel speaks for its varied healing properties. Spinel gemstones have been considered most valuable since ancient times by emperors for their impact on the wearer’s life and health. The vivid colored gemstones from this species are believed to have varied uses. While wearing red Spinel can help improve bodily energy and liveliness, yellow Spinel is optimal for intelligence. Spinel gems are also believed to bring goodwill and growth into life. Here are the major benefits of wearing this gemstone:
  • Enhance wealth and prosperity.
  • Improves physique and health.
  • Strengthens emotionally and mentally.
  • Cure ailments related to skin, spine, and gums.

What is the Price of Spinel Gemstones in Dubai?

Due to its close resemblance with precious stones like Ruby and Sapphire, Spinel gemstones carry much value in the market. However, the prices may vary depending on the hue of these gemstones. In the blue color variety, cobalt spinels are priced high, whereas the pink and darker red color spinel gems carry value for their rarity. Other factors like cut and carving such as cushion-cut, diamond-cut, and more also play a major role in determining the prices of the spinel gemstone. The more flawless the spinel stone is using quality polishing, the higher its price will be.

Who Should Wear Spinel Stones?

According to ancient gemology, Spinel stones are the birthstones of people born in August. Wearing Spinel in any form such as a gemstone ring, pendants, earrings, necklaces, or other jewelry forms will attract immense goodness and improve physical health. Spinel gems are the best choice if you are looking for elegant gemstone jewelry similar to sapphire or ruby. While red Spinel closely resembles the original red ruby stone, blue Spinel will give you the close crystalline texture of sapphires.