Precious gemstones have been mined and fashioned into jewelry for centuries. They are treasured because of their beauty, rarity, and exclusivity. Scholars have associated the natural gemstones with the twelve months of the year, even in biblical history. The modern-day birthstone chart was, however, formed in the year 1912. Each month has one or more gemstones assigned to it by an official association. Your birthstone is determined by your date of birth and the zodiac sign. According to the birthstone chart, people born in December have Tanzanite as one of their birthstones.
Tanzanite is a gorgeous purplish-blue rock. The name comes from the country it was discovered in that is Tanzania. The scientific name of the mineral from which it is derived is Zoisite. We are the wholesale gemstone suppliers in the UAE and if you want your birthstone jewelry, you can buy from us online. Whether you are born in the month of December or just curious to learn more about this stunning gemstone, we are sharing everything you need to know about the Tanzanite rock.

History & Origin

Tanzanite was only just recently discovered in 1962 by the local tribesmen. In 1967, however, the source of the jewel was found to be the Merelani hills in the country Tanzania. This precious gemstone is only indigenous to the country of its origin. Blue Zoisite was the original name of the mineral, which was changed for commercial proposed by Tiffany & Co.

Color & Properties

Tanzanite gemstone may have a color variation, ranging from deep blue to violet purple. The more saturated the color, the higher the value and worth of the gem. One of the most amazing properties that the Tanzanite possesses is Pleochroism. This is the result of optical phenomena in which a substance appears to have multiple colors when examined from different angles. You will be able to see the variation in colors as you observe the Tanzanite rock from different sides.

Gem Softness

The Tanzanite rock is not a very hard gemstone. The gem's softness makes it more susceptible to damage and cracking if not handled with care. If you own any Tanzanite jewelry, you must remove it while performing laborious chores to protect the precious stone from scratches and chipping.


Tanzanite is a much rarer gemstone as compared to precious diamond stones.  According to experts, the chances of discovering Tanzanite in other parts of the world are one in a million. Unfortunately, geologists believe that tanzanite reserves will be exhausted over the next 25 to 30 years at the present rate of mining, making it extremely rare and exclusive. If you wish to own the rare jewels, visit our gemstone shop in Dubai to find the unique and precious rocks.

Spiritual Characteristics

Tanzanite is said to possess a lot of positive and spiritual properties. They emit optimistic vibrations and change negative energies. People who wear Tanzanite become more self-aware and find it easier to express themselves. The December birthstone can help its wearers understand their purpose and destiny and bring new opportunities.