Popular for their elegant blue color, Sapphire gemstones are a highly durable gem variety from the Corundum mineral family. However, you may also find sapphires for sale in varied colors such as yellow sapphire, white sapphires, pink sapphire, among others. Sapphire is available as different colored stones due to the presence of impurities such as chromium, titan, vanadium, magnesium, and copper in these precious stones. Characterized by remarkable hardness and a special luster, the blue sapphire and other colored gemstones price may vary in Dubai. Whether to design an attractive gemstone ring or an alluring set of earrings, the sapphire stone is a popular and fashionable gem variety. Natural gemstones is a leading supplier of premium quality blue sapphire and colored sapphire stone at an industry-best price in the UAE. Using modern gem processing technologies, we ensure that the blue sapphire gem retains its natural beauty as the original stone. We offer quality sapphire stone at a competitive price as both loose gemstones or a dazzling jewellery collection in Dubai.

Properties of Sapphire Stones

  • Color – White, Grey, Yellow, Green, Pink, Purple, and more
  • Refractive-index range – Between 1.757-1.779
  • Hardness - 9 Mohs
  • Heat sensitivity – No
  • Luster – Vitreous, Adamantine
  • Transparency – Transparent, Opaque
  • Luminescence – UV-long, UV-short, X-ray, Fluorescent
  • Mineral specie - Corundum

Benefits of Sapphire

Blue sapphire stone as auspicious symbols such as engagement rings and wedding rings have gained much popularity. The powerful healing quality and gemological significance of natural blue sapphire and other colored stone explain their high price value in Dubai. Blue sapphire gemstones are believed to bring in various emotional, materialistic, and spiritual gains. Wearing a sapphire ring or pendant in the UAE can benefit you in the following ways:
  • Professional career growth
  • Improves creative mind
  • Develops a positive vibe
  • Recovery from blood and eye-related issues
  • Eliminate tension and stress
  • Improves focus

What is the Price of Sapphire Gemstones in Dubai?

The color and clarity are the prominent factors to pick the best from the sapphires for sale in the market. The price of blue sapphire stone mainly depends on its hue, with the deep-blue being the most expensive in Dubai. With its elegant diamond color, white and yellow sapphire stone makes for a cheaper alternative available at a very low price in Dubai. The sapphire gem price is also determined by the cut shapes that include everything from round-cut to premium princess-cut. Like other gems like emerald or rubies, sapphire stone price in the UAE may also depend on its carat weight.

Who Should Wear Sapphire Stones?

Gemology suggests sapphires as the birthstone for people born in September. The metaphysical properties of blue sapphire stone will help gain mental development and physical wellness. Sapphire stone is also believed to improve intuitive powers and attentiveness that can benefit individuals in the administration, education, and creative sector. Blue sapphire stone was considered as a symbol of good fortune by ancient royals, and therefore available at a high price in the UAE today. Sapphires can also help to attain a quick recovery from neurological diseases.