About Us

Where Quality is Product

Founded in Dubai, UAE the Natural Gemstones Company have not only established their standing in the market as the premium gemstones wholesaler but also as the only leading company that sells quality. Gemstones are a dazzling way of telling your story, representing your personality and we believe there shouldn’t be any compromise when it comes to the quality of it. With a keen eye for style, elegance and fashion our craftsmanship is very well portrayed in our in-house jewellery. Our company understands why one buy natural gemstones; jewellery is for self more or less and so it has to shine as bright as your personality does. Thus, at Natural Gemstones Company, we provide you with an enormous choice of beautiful stones, some even in sculptured mounts that holds them to give you a perfect view of how inspiring and elegant it looks. You can directly choose to buy precious stones or fine jewellery crafted to represent the bold, beautiful, sophisticated and independent individuals of today.

As reputable gemstone dealers, we strive to create jewellery for customers who seek beauty and elegance and provide our customers with a variety of natural and precious stones for sale including Blue Sapphires, Padparatcha Sapphires, Pink Sapphires, White Sapphires, Yellow Sapphires, Green Sapphires, Spinels, Aquamarines, Garnets, Tourmalines, Sphenes, Zircons, Chrysoberyls and a variety of Semi-precious stones. Be it small calibrated size or large carat stones, we can serve your needs efficiently and quickly at competitive prices. Known as one of the most reputable gemstone dealers we carry a large inventory of various shapes such as rounds, square, ovals, pears, marquise, princess cut, diamond cut, and even fancy shapes such as hearts.

Objectives of Natural Gemstones Company

As one of the reputable gemstone dealers in Dubai we provide clear, bold, and instantly identifiable quality services and goods that represent our beliefs.

Incorporate customers into all we do in order to satisfy their goals; we assure a complete grasp and incorporation of our clients’ needs in order to give exactly what they want.

Establish dependability and trust: We are proud of our high-quality and genuine gemstones for sale in the market.

Inspire loyalty by our outstanding services and timely delivery of high-quality, beautiful, and elegant stones.

Products Services

  1. Genuine and exceptional precious/semiprecious gemstones are available from stock or by special order.
  2. Create bespoke jewelry with our Natural Gemstones to any precise design you envisioned or of your choosing.
  3. Use our unique and exotic Natural Gemstones to create jewelry based on a customer’s image and zodiac.
  4. We offer repair, replacement, and polishing services for customers’ own jewelry, as well as enhancements with our rare gemstones upon request.