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As mentioned on this page, this set of policies and conditions applies to everyone who uses our services and website. All Natural Gemstones clients and website users who fully grasp the agreement’s duties should read this part. After that, your continual use of our site will be interpreted as tacit agreement and acceptance of these terms.

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Ownership of Intellectual Property

The Natural Gemstones own all intellectual property, including images, text, graphics, copyrights, trademarks, official paperwork, and other materials. This content may only be shown or used for non-profit or research purposes. Theft, reproduction, exhibition, and dissemination will all be considered illegal. The person will be barred if they engage in any other unethical action.

Inline Linking

State and municipal governments, newsgroups, web forums dedicated to Natural Gemstones, and other online channel enterprises are all permitted to hyperlink to our website. Organizations must, however, ensure that links to our homepage or other site articles do not mislead customers or imply an endorsement or advertising of third-party products or services. We also provide authorization hyperlinking, which necessitates a request and the aforementioned companies.

Layoffs & Reductions

Natural Gemstones must remove any URLs that violate our regulations. We also reserve the right to change these terms and any other internet pages linked to them. You will be regarded to have accepted the amended conditions if you continue to work with us.


Natural Gemstones disclaims any liability for the content of this website and any user disputes. Any alterations to our content will not be held accountable by our users.

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