Rose Quartz

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Variety: quartz
Carat Weight: 4.85
Measurements/MM: 15.6x11.1x4.5
Shape/Cut: pear/cabochone
Color: pink
Enhancenments: natural
Origin: sri lanka

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  • Rose quartz is one of the rarest and highly favored forms of the popular quartz gemstone variety. Along with amazing health benefits, wearing rose quartz can also help attain emotional balance with exceptional healing of physical and mental ailments. Right from light pink shades to a darker hue, this translucent gemstone is found in varied forms. The dusky pink shade of this stone makes it a popular choice of decorative stone. It can be a perfect gemstone to add on to any silver color jewelry set.

    We offer a wide variety of rose quartz variety in different shades mined from across the world, such as Australia, Brazil, Canada, Russia, the USA, Canada, India, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, and more. Right from mining to final polishing, we ensure the natural beauty of the rose quartz is retained while adding a sparkling shine. We follow rigorous gem testing methods to ensure the premium quality and durability of the rose quartz.

    Properties of Rose Quartz

    • Family – Quartz
    • Moh value – 7
    • Refractive Index – 1.544-1.553
    • Colors – Varied hues of pink – pale pink, medium pinkish shade, deep pink color
    • Luster – Vitreous
    • Luminescence – Fluorescent, UV short, X-ray colors
    • Transparency – Transparent to opaque

    Benefits of Rose Quartz

    Among all the quartz varieties, rose quartz promotes love, affection, mental peace, and trust. The wearer will experience a sense of fulfillment that enhances the inner power to deal with various life situations. Apart from mental healing, rose quartz can also help cure various ailments related to kidneys, lungs and support the female reproductive system. It can also create harmony in the family or among friends.

    • Improve bonding in relationships
    • Relieves tension and stress
    • Quick healing of heart
    • Enhances inner peace
    • Emotional healing

    What is the Price of Rose Quartz in Dubai?

    Considering the durability and strength of quartz, these attractive gemstones are fairly inexpensive. The price of rose quartz mainly depends on its shape and unique cuts such as oval cut, round cut, and more that is used for making attractive jewelry designs. The carat weight of the gemstone will also determine the price. Like any gemstone, the clarity and polishing of the quartz are also very important. Also, the price may go high based on the strength of the quartz color.

    Who Should Wear Rose Quartz?

    Rose quartz is a highly recommended gemstone for pregnant women as it promotes positivity and encourages unconditional love. It is also suitable and supportive for people born in January, considered to a complimentary birthstone. People suffering from trauma, fear, sorrow, and resentment will recover from this emotional imbalance and get a more stable mental state by wearing rose quartz. It has also proven to be beneficial for people in the beauty industry.

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