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The abundance and color variety of quartz makes it highly popular among all the minerals found on the Earth. Characterized with a unique crystalline nature and alluring color hues, quartz is widely used to make various jewellery. While some quartz varieties are common, a few colored quartz gemstones are very rare and expensive. With higher hardness, quartz stones are a highly durable form of colored gemstones available in the UAE. Quartz stones are highly versatile, as they can be cut and carved into varied shapes.

Whether you need loose gemstones or elegant quartz gemstone jewellery, Natural Gemstones is your one-stop solution in Dubai. From mining quality quartz stones to processing them with advanced gemology tools, we perfect every step to offer premium quality gemstones to our customers. Our professional gemologists use modern polishing technologies to enhance the luster of the stones. We provide quartz gems in varied sizes and carat values at the best prices in the UAE.

Properties of Quartz Stones

  • Colors – Colorless to Pink, yellow, white, grey, red, green, among others.
  • Transparent & opaque.
  • Refractive Index – 1.54 to 1.55.
  • Specific Gravity – 2.651.
  • Mineral Hardness range – 7 Mohs.
  • Vitreous luster.

Benefits of Quartz

The higher popularity of quartz gemstones in Dubai can be attributed to its exceptional energy regulation powers. Quartz gemstones also tend to enhance the romantic relationships of the wearer. Wearing quartz jewellery like necklaces, earrings, pendants or more can help attain a state of calmness and mental peace. Activating the bodily chakras, this semi-precious gem can help you embrace your hidden inherent powers and gain various benefits.

  • Achieve physical, mental, emotional and spiritual stability.
  • Improve body organ functions.
  • Establish harmony between the soul and mind.
  • Improve intellectual powers.
  • Improve memory and cognitive abilities.
  • Strengthen the immune system.

What is the Price of Quartz Gemstones in Dubai?

The comparative inexpensiveness of quartz adds to Quartz popularity in the jewelery industry. Found abundantly on Earth, these gemstones are priced based on various factors such as their properties and color quality that is determined by the impurities it consists of. The Quartz prices will also depend on its cut and finishing, including symmetric and exquisite shapes such as the oval, round-cut, and more. Quartz retaining its natural qualities and elegance receives higher grading and thus high prices. The size of the quartz gemstone in carats also plays a major role in the pricing.

Who Should Wear Quartz Stones?

Quartz can be normally worn by anyone who wishes to attain stability in their life. By streamlining and synchronizing your bodily energy flow, these genuine gemstones will create a positive aura around the wearer. Its mystic power to improve communication skills can help individuals in leadership roles or public figures. This gemstone jewelry can also benefit people in the creative sectors. People recovering from various illnesses or injuries also can benefit from quartz, as it tends to speed up the healing process.