Policies Concerning the Protection of Personal Data

There is a full section on getting, retrieving, and releasing user data for all Natural Gemstones clients who use the website. Natural Gemstones does not release any information or confidential material to outsiders or other parties unless stated in the policy below.
We collect data from customers in order to improve and increase the speed of our services. Terms used in this Privacy Policy have the same definition as those used in our website’s Terms of Service unless otherwise defined. If you use our website, you agree to the terms and conditions.

Information Gathering and Distribution

All of the information received through the Natural Gemstones official website is held by the company. Whether it is apparent or otherwise, every piece of information and data is obtained by active and engaged consent. Your personal data is never shared or sold to third parties. With this information, we’ll be able to effectively answer our client’s questions. Unless compelled by law, we do not disclose any personal information or data, and we strictly abide by rules of confidentiality and privacy rights. Visitors’ or clients’ contact information may only be used to send them alerts. We may send them emails about special discounts, deals, items, or limitations if their information changes.

Information Security

We place a high priority on data security. Natural Gemstones protects its users’ personal information using advanced security techniques and business portals.

Advertisement by a Third-Party

When our marketing collaborators display ads on our website, their servers may gather cookies. Advertisers can then target you with ads based on your interests and other information. Natural Gemstones has no authority over how marketers use certain cookies. Cookies can be used to verify visitors’ identities and collect non-personal data.

Cookies Usage

Natural Gemstones employs cookies to enhance the user’s experience, but only when the user consents. Cookies assist us in identifying and evaluating users so that we may better understand their preferences and provide a more personalized experience. You may modify your browser’s cookie preferences at any time.

Regular Changes

We reserve the right to change our website’s policies as needed. These policy changes will take effect once they are published on this website. It’s good to keep an eye on this section for new information.

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